• Zoom Room

  • $315.00

  • Description

    • $315 per license per year (40% off normal price)

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    Zoom Rooms helps you transform the classroom or boardroom into a trust-based, collaboration hub which creates more opportunities to amplify student engagement. Zoom Rooms seamlessly bring together video conferencing with education tools such as touch screen smart boards, create collaborative teaching moments through content sharing and annotation, as well as virtually connect classrooms miles apart.

    How can we use this?

    • Synchronous classroom experiences – local and remote professors and students joining the same virtual classroom with rich video, audio, and collaboration opportunities
    • Asynchronous learning – record Zoom Rooms classroom lectures, upload to an LMS for playback
    • One professor teaching to multiple sites via offsite Zoom Rooms – reduced facilities, travel and staffing costs
    • Bring virtual guest lecturers into classrooms

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