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Zoom Renewals for all license types - INFORMATION ONLY


Brand Zoom
Dear Zoom Account Owner -
The renewal period for your Zoom license/s is fast approaching the end of the first 12 months and we are gearing up for the second-half of our Zoom contract. . As Zoom operates on a two-year contract period, this is the final renewal. In the future, we will be offering Zoom at a two-year pricing to make things easier in the financial end of things. 
We hope this renewal process will be fairly easy for all involved
  1. NAD Treasury will be provided with a listing of all sub-account organizations sorted by unions and conferences - along with the license renewal details.
  2. Treasury will invoice each union for the licenses in their territory. This will be sorted by conference and local organization.
  3. Unions will invoice their conferences for the licenses in their jurisdiction.
  4. Conferences will invoice their local organizations.
Thank you for working together with us to help provide excellent pricing on a corporate level!