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    ORDER BEFORE SEPTEMBER 16.  New subscriptions begin October 1.

    When ordering, PLEASE be sure to use your credit card's billing address  in the address information. If the addresses do not match exactly, the order will not be processed.

    Webspiration Classroom is the online diagramming, graphic organizer, mind mapping and outlining tool for writing, brainstorming and collaboration, designed specifically to meet the needs of students, educators and schools. The visual thinking and learning tools provide students with support to improve their writing, while giving them the tools they need to evaluate, synthesize and retain information across the curriculum. Webspiration Classroom teaches students how to develop their ideas, from the brainstorming stage all the way through to an organized, polished project.

    NOTE: If you plan to reduce your school's account allocation, please make sure that you've reduced the number of accounts created to that number or less. Entry of your order will not be completed if the number of accounts in use by a given school exceeds the number allocated to them in that new year.


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