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    Price: $81.00/student/year
    Rosetta Stone® Foundations for K–12 SILVER package is a scalable e-Learning solution designed for beginner to intermediate students in up to 24 languages to build fundamental language skills.
    The structured approach engages students by developing language skills through a predefined sequence and method using sounds, images, and text to help students absorb meaning intuitively, so learning is natural.
    As students complete interactive language instruction they unlock the ability to practice their language skills through games, activities, stories, and live online conversations—leveled to their learning progress.

    Choose any or all of the 24 languages based on the number of languages you want to use at your school. Some of the more common languages used by schools are Spanish, Italian, German, Latin, French, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and English for non-English speakers.

    NOTE:  Rosetta Stone does not transcript courses.  Academies offering a language course using this as the curriculum would need to be sure to have certification matters cared for with the supervising teacher in order for the students to receive credit.


    US schoolsl - Contact Eric Broyles, Sr. Account Executive or call 571-296-8166. 
    Canadian schools - Contact Cary dePriest, Account Representative


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