• Rosetta Stone Foundations for K-12 - Gold Package

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    Rosetta Stone Foundations for K12 is available in up to 24 languages and is suitable for learners ages K-adult. All versions include our award winning language learning immersion course, games, stories, administrative tools for data tracking, and support materials to help blend the software into the classroom. You can use Rosetta Stone in a fully blended environment where a teacher is present or you can also use Rosetta Stone as a standalone language course with a facilitator.  You can access the software from any computer or mobile device that can access the internet. The Rosetta Stone Foundations Gold version includes live tutoring sessions with native speakers in the target language. 

    NOTE:  Rosetta Stone does not transcript courses.  Academies offering a language course using this as the curriculum would need to be sure to have certification matters cared for with the supervising teacher in order for the students to receive credit.

    Questions? Contact Eric Broyles, Sr. Account Executive or call 571-296-8166. 

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