• RAZ-Plus (Combo of Reading A-Z and RAZ-Kids with ELL)

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    NEW! RAZ-Plus/ELLis actually RAZ-Plus which is the combo of Reading A-Z and RAZ-Kids with ELL resources. It was called Reading Solution in the past.  SAVE money by ordering this rather than both Reading A-Z and RAZ-Kids!

    ORDER BEFORE SEPTEMBER 16.  New subscriptions begin October 1.

    Price is per classroom teacher.  If ordering more than 1 classroom, complete the roster on the spreadsheet here.

    When ordering, PLEASE be sure to use your credit card's billing address in the address information. If the addresses do not match exactly, the order will not be processed.

    For NEW subscribers contact Ann.Crawley@learninga-z.com to ask for a trial.
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    • Support English language learners with tools, resources, and research-based strategies to achieve success with social and academic English. Learning A-Z's Raz-Plus ELL Edition provides reading, listening, speaking, and writing resources organized in content area topics at varying grade ranges.

      The Raz-Plus ELL Edition combines all the resources of Raz-Plus, as well as a collection of WIDA, TESOL, and CCSS-aligned resources designed specifically for ELLs. With this online solution, you have access to hundreds of time-saving ELL-specific resources with integrated grammar and vocabulary support.

    • Cost per teacher $224.95.
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