• IXL - 2018-19 Dual Subjects: Math & ELA

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    PRICE — $11.00 per license/subject

    Costs are per student for the subscription period of October 1 - September 30.

    Licenses are sold in bundles of 5 with a minimum order of 5.  (You must order at least 5 student licenses which equals 1 bundle.)

    Please considerpaddingyour quantity.  This is for the purpose of any additional students you may gain during the school year.  Orders are processed between August 1- September 16.  NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.

    Following your purchase, complete these steps for IXL rostering by September 16. Note: Your order can NOT be processed without the complete information. Missing information may void your order.
    • Please send IXL your primary contact's information and student roster by following these steps:

      1. Log into your IXL admin account.
      2. In the blue bar go to "Upload roster files".
      3. Download the template in the middle of the page and fill out as much information as possible.
      4. Save the document to your computer under your school's name (ex. [SchoolName]IXL.xlsx).
      5. Upload your document back to the "Upload roster files" tab in your admin account.
      • For technical difficulties, please contact our IXL account specialist, Eric at ericv@ixl.com
      If your school does not have an IXL admin please e-mail ericv@ixl.com and CC marthban@nadadventist.org the following information:
      • Your school's desired IXL admin's first and last name
      • E-mail address
      • School code
      Once Eric receives this information he will give you next steps for uploading your roster.

    About the Resource

    IXL is an immersive K-12 learning experience that provides comprehensive, standards-aligned content for math, language arts, science, and social studies.

    Learn more at: 

    New subscribers can sign up for a trial account directly through the IXL website if you want to get started early.  If you want to use a trial account until then, be sure to save or print the student data before switching over to the bigger subscription. 

    To create a 30-day trial while waiting for your account: https://www.ixl.com/membership/school/trial


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